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XPath Node Selection

There are various ways to specify the XPath for an XML node in an API request. The simplest is to use the location path of the resource. For example, to select all users within your management configuration, use the following path:
The above path specifies the following XML node that includes all users:
<users> <entry name="admin"> <permissions> <role-based> <superuser>yes</superuser> </role-based> </permissions> </entry> <entry name="guest"> <permissions> <role-based> <custom> <profile>NewUser</profile> </custom> </role-based> </permissions> </entry> </users>
Targeting multiple nodes in an XPath using nested elements results in a successful command, but will not update all of the nodes. To update each node, send the configuration to each node using multiple successive calls. For example:
To successfully update each node, target each node individually, for example:
Another method for selecting the XPath for an XML node is to select the specific node, such as the
node within the node shown above. Use XPath syntax similar to the following to drill-down and select a specific node:
XML Node
XPath Syntax

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