Virtualization Features

Describes all the exciting new capabilities in PAN-OS® 11.0 for the VM-Series and CN-Series firewall.
New Virtualization Feature
Hyperscale Security Fabric (HSF) 1.0 on CN-Series
With CN-Series Hyperscale Security Fabric (HSF) 1.0, you can now create a cluster of containerized next-gen firewalls that deliver a highly scalable and resilient next-gen firewall solution, eliminating the dependency on external load balancers for Mobile Service Providers deploying 5G networks.
Advanced Routing Engine Support on CN-Series
The Advanced Routing Engine is now supported on the CN-Series.
Key Management Service (KMS) Support for VM-Series
This release enables cloud native key managers, Azure Key Vault and AWS Secrets Manager, to store certificates for VM-Series firewalls.
Multiple Virtual Systems Support for the PA-400 Series
Multiple virtual systems featuring shared gateway support are now available for most PA-400 Series firewalls with a multi-vsys license. PA-440 firewalls support up to two virtual systems. PA-450 and PA-460 firewalls support up to five virtual systems.

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