Advanced Routing

Introduction to Advanced Routing and supported firewall models.
provides an Advanced Routing Engine that allows the firewall to scale and provide stable, high-performing, and highly available routing functions to large data centers, ISPs, enterprises, and cloud users. The Advanced Routing Engine simplifies operations with a standards-based configuration, which reduces your learning curve since it is similar to that of other router vendors. Protocol configuration profiles and a granular filtering profile work across multiple logical routers and virtual systems. Route redistribution is simplified with a redistribution profile. BGP peer groups and peers can inherit configuration to make BGP more agile.
The Advanced Routing Engine supports static routes, BGP, MP-BGP, OSPFv2, OSPFv3, RIPv2, IPv4 multicast routing, BFD, redistribution, route filtering into the RIB, access lists, prefix lists, and route maps.
The following models support the Advanced Routing Engine:
  • PA-7000 Series
  • PA-5400 Series
  • PA-5200 Series
  • PA-3400 Series
  • PA-3200 Series
  • PA-400 Series
  • CN-Series
  • VM-Series
  • M-700 appliance
  • M-600 appliance
  • M-500 appliance
  • M-300 appliance
  • M-200 appliance
Learn about advanced routing profiles and perform the following tasks to configure advanced routing:

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