View Rules by Tag Group

View your policy rulebase as tag groups.
View your policy rulebase as tag groups to visually group rules based on the tagging structure you created. In this view, you can perform operational procedures such as adding, deleting or moving the rules in the selected tag group more easily. Viewing the rulebase as tag groups maintains the rule evaluation order, and a single tag may appear multiple times throughout the rulebase to visually preserve the rule hierarchy.
You must first create the tag in order to assign a group tag to a rule. Policy rules that are already tagged on upgrade to PAN-OS 9.0 have the first tag automatically assigned as the Group tag. Before upgrading to PAN-OS 9.0, review the tagged rules in your rulebase to ensure rules are correctly grouped upon upgrade. You must manually edit each tag rule and configure the correct Group tag if your rules are grouped incorrectly after you upgrade to PAN-OS 9.0.
  1. Launch the Web Interface.
  2. Create and Apply Tags you want to use for grouping rules.
  3. Assign a policy rule to a tag group.
    1. Create a policy rule. Refer to Policy for more information on creating policy rules.
    2. In the Group Rules by Tag field, select the tag from the drop-down and click OK.
    3. Commit the changes.
  4. View your policy rulebase as groups.
    1. (Panorama only) From the Device Group drop-down, select the device group rulebase to view, or view all Shared rules.
    2. Click Policies and select the rulebase where you created the rules in Step 2.
    3. Check the View Rulebase as Groups box at the bottom.
      Rules not assigned a tag group display as None.
  5. Perform Group operations as needed.
    1. Click Group to perform group operations for rules in the selected tag group.
      • (Panorama only) Move rules in group to a different rulebase or device group—Move all policy rules in the selected tag group to the Pre-Rulebase or Post-Rulebase, or to a different device group.
      • Change group of all rules—Move all rules in the selected tag group to a different tag group.
      • Move all rules in group—Move all rules in the selected tag group in order to change the rule priority order.
      • Delete all rules in group—Delete all rules in the selected tag group.
      • Clone all rules in group—Clone all rules in the selected tag group.
    2. Commit the changes.

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