Custom Application and Threat Signatures

Identify unknown applications and threats, detect and control specific traffic, and prevent network-based attacks with custom signatures.
Our next-generation firewalls allow you to develop custom application and threat signatures for network traffic you want to detect, monitor, and control. You can build these pattern-based signatures using information from packet captures and our available contexts. The firewall stores the custom signatures in a database separate from our predefined App-ID™ or threat signatures, which are updated on a regular basis.
Application signatures identify web-based and client-server applications such as Gmail. You can create custom application signatures for proprietary applications, commercial applications without an App-ID, or traffic you want to identify by a custom name. Threat signatures detect malicious activity and prevent network-based attacks. You can create custom threat signatures to incorporate third-party security advisories and signatures or to identify threat activity such as brute force login attempts. The resulting application and threat visibility allows you to exercise a greater level of control over network traffic and reduces the attack surface of your enterprise.
Weekly content releases periodically include new decoders and contexts from which you can develop signatures.

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