Configure Basic WildFire Appliance Settings on Panorama

Configuring basic settings such as content update and WildFire cloud servers, WildFire cloud services, logging, authentication, and so on, is similar to how you Configure General Cluster Settings on Panorama. Instead of selecting a cluster and configuring settings on the cluster, select a WildFire appliance and configure the individual settings for that appliance. Select and configure each WildFire appliance that you add to Panorama.
Configure the WildFire Appliance describes how to integrate a WildFire appliance into a network and perform basic setup with the CLI, but the concepts are the same as performing basic setup using Panorama.
Many settings are pre-populated with either defaults, information from previously existing settings on the WildFire appliance, or the settings you configured when adding the WildFire appliance to Panorama.

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