Increase CPUs and Memory for Panorama on Alibaba Cloud

Select a new instance type to increase the CPUs and memory for a Panorama™ virtual appliance deployed on Alibaba Cloud.
You can change the instance type of the Panorama™ virtual appliance to increase the CPUs and memory allocated to the Panorama virtual appliance instance. Be sure to review the supported Alibaba Cloud instance types and the Setup Prerequisites for the Panorama Virtual Appliance before changing the instance type.
  1. Log in to the Alibaba Cloud Console.
  2. Select
    Elastic Compute Service
    Instances & Images
    and navigate to the Panorama virtual appliance instance.
  3. In the Actions column, select
    Instance Status
  4. Change the Panorama virtual appliance instance type.
    1. Select the Panorama virtual appliance if not already selected.
    2. In the Actions column, select
      Change Instance Type
    3. Select the desired instance type and
      the instance type.
    4. When prompted, select
      to view your Panorama virtual appliance instance.
  5. In the Actions column for the Panorama virtual appliance instance, select
    Instance Status
  6. Verify the increased CPU and memory.
    1. View the Panorma virtual appliance system information.
      show system info
    2. Verify that the
      display the correct number of CPUs and amount of memory as per the instance type you selected.

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