Monitor the File System Integrity Check

Panorama periodically performs a file system integrity check (FSCK) to prevent corruption of the Panorama system files. This check occurs after eight reboots or at a reboot that occurs 90 days after the last FSCK was executed. If Panorama is running a FSCK, the web interface and Secure Shell (SSH) login screens will display a warning to indicate that an FSCK is in progress. You cannot log in until this process completes. The time to complete this process varies by the size of the storage system; depending on the size, it can take several hours before you can log back in to Panorama.
After you successfully download and install a PAN-OS software update on Panorama or a managed firewall, the software update is validated after Panorama or the managed firewall reboots as part of the software installation process to ensure the PAN-OS software integrity. This ensures that the now running software update is known good and that the Panorama or managed firewall are not compromised to due remote or physical exploitation.
To view the progress on the FSCK, set up console access to Panorama and view the status.

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