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Manage Mobile Users

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Manage Mobile Users

In Prisma Access, Mobile Users refers to users that connect to Prisma Access security services either through the GlobalProtect agent on their devices or through Explicit Proxy through a web browser on their devices.
Securing mobile users from threats is often a complex mix of security and IT infrastructure procurement and setup, bandwidth, and uptime requirements in multiple locations throughout the world, while staying within budget. With Prisma Access for users, the entire infrastructure is deployed for you and scales based on the number of active users and their locations. For more information about mobile users in cloud-managed Prisma Access, see Mobile Users in Prisma Access (Cloud Management)
Use either the
Mobile Users - GlobalProtect
Mobile Users - Explicit Proxy
tab to view data related to your mobile users. The data displayed throughout either
Mobile Users
tab is based on the
Time Range
you select, with the exception of the
Mobile User License Consumption
widget, which always displays data based on the number of unique users logged in the last 90 days relative to all licensed users. The default
Time Range
is 3 hours. A unique user is a user with a unique username who has logged in to Prisma Access at least once in a given period specified by
Time Range
Mobile Users
page is specific to the connect method you’re using. The left navigation panel shows the Manage GlobalProtect Mobile Users page if you’re using the GlobalProtect agent to connect to Prisma Access and the Manage Explicit Proxy Mobile Users if you’re using the browser-based Explicit Proxy method to connect to Prisma Access. If you are using both methods, you’ll see two different pages in the left navigation panel, one for each connect method.

Search for a Specific Mobile User

To get detailed data for a specific Mobile User, enter the username in the
Search All Mobile Users
search box in the upper right. Be sure to enter the full user name. The User Details Page page opens, showing that user’s statistics, including devices connected through Prisma Access locations, the user’s connected devices, and all user device logins.

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