Prisma Access Insights APIs

The Prisma Access Insights APIs allow you to query your Prisma Access Insights tenants for data resources. There are two versions of the APIs. The Prisma Access Insights 2.0 and 1.0 APIs both allow you to query your Prisma Access tenant for the health of your Prisma Access network deployment. The API calls are the same for both versions; however, each version uses different access tokens, and the mechanism by which you obtain an access token is different for each version.
To get started with Prisma Access Insights APIs, go to the Developer’s Guide at Welcome to Prisma SASE.
Prisma Access Insights API describes content specific to Prisma Access Insights APIs, as well as information about API version 2.0, API version 1.0, Prisma Access Insights API examples, and PAI FAQs.

About 2.0 APIs

Prisma Access Insights 2.0 APIs are intended for cloud-managed Prisma Access customers, where the tenants have been onboarded by Palo Alto Networks using a Tenant Service Group (TSG) identifier. To see whether your tenant uses TSG IDs, go to the Prisma Access hub, click on the
Prisma Access Insights
application name, and look in the
Manage Apps
The 2.0 APIs can also be used by Panorama-managed Prisma Access customers. In this case, if the Panorama-managed deployment is multitenant, then only the supertenant has the TSG ID, and the subtenants are included in the header with the Cortex Data Lake (CDL) tenant ID.

API 2.0 Case

After supertenant migration to TSG ID, when querying for a subtenant:
The header needs the following information:

About 1.0 APIs

Prisma Access Insights 1.0 APIs are intended for all cloud-managed single tenant customers, as well as Panorama-managed single-tenant and multitenant customers.

API 1.0 Case

Before supertenant migration to TSG ID, when querying for a subtenant information using the 1.0 APIs, include the supertenant ID on the endpoint:
Include the following header on the call:
Prisma-Tenant: {tenant_id}: {sub_tenant_id}

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