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Bandwidth Detection

Within the CloudBlade, the default behavior for licensing provisioning is to use the Circuit bandwidth configured for the site/device. This behavior can be modified as needed to suit business requirements by clicking the
Bandwidth Detection
The default setting is to not modify the license selection behavior.
To change this default behavior, click
to apply changes.
For non-ECMP sites, you can optionally set a per-tunnel license. This example limits the Prisma Access License to 10 Mbps.
If an organization is comfortable with a certain level of Interface Bandwidth to Prisma Access Licensing (i.e. a 100 Mbps circuit and 50 Mbps circuit for licensing, this may also be adjusted. This number is expressed as a percentage (default is 1.00, or 100%). To achieve the 50 Mbps licensing, adjust the number to 0.50.
Additional options for Prisma Access Licensing are as follows:
  • Only select Prisma Access licenses BELOW configured WAN Interface Bandwidth.
    • Will select the closest license level BELOW the WAN interface.
    • For example, a device configured with a 125 Mbps circuit will license to 150 Mbps, if this option is not selected.
    • If this option is selected, then the license chosen for that circuit to Prisma Access will be 100 Mbps.
  • Divide configured Prisma SD-WAN WAN bandwidth equally for multiple Prisma Access tunnels.
    • If selected, the license chosen for that circuit to Prisma Access will be 100 Mbps. If this is checked, and multiple tunnels are created to different Region(s) on interfaces, bandwidth for license selection will be separated equally across tunnels. (Ex: 100 Mbps WAN, 2 tunnels - each get 50 Mbps license).
    • If this is not checked, all tunnels will use full interface bandwidth for license selection (Default).
  • Force all Prisma Access tunnels to statically use Prisma Access Tunnel License limit (above).
    • If this is checked, all Bandwidth detection logic will be disabled, and the system will select based on Tunnel License Limit Above.
    • If this is not checked, Bandwidth and licenses will be detected as Normal (Default).

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