: Flow Decision Bitmap
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Flow Decision Bitmap

Flow Decision Bitmap
displays decisions taken for a flow as it was processed. This information can be viewed by hovering over the flow decision bitmap value. A typical logic of the path selection engine is listed below and may be used for troubleshooting the flow.
  • Select WAN path new flow
  • App_id, dest IP and dest port
  • Policy allowed public VPN
  • Policy allowed private direct
  • Allowed public WABN
  • Allowed private direct
  • Allowed public direct
  • BW one WAN path
  • Preferred path specified
  • Public direct path
  • Backup path in the network policy used
  • Standard VPN allowed on public interface
  • Standard VPN allowed on private interface
  • Policy allowed standard VPN on public interface
  • Policy allowed standard VPN on private interface

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