Remote Browser Isolation

Welcome to the Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) docs homepage! You can use RBI to protect your users' devices and corporate networks from continuously evolving browser and web-based attacks by isolating browser traffic.

RBI is an isolation solution that can isolate all malware, including zero-day attacks that result from browsing and web activity, away from your end users and your network. Natively integrated with Prisma Access, RBI allows you to easily apply isolation profiles to existing security policies. With isolation profiles, you can control what browser actions are permitted for your users. 

All traffic in isolation undergoes analysis and threat prevention provided by Cloud-Delivered Security Services such as Advanced Threat Prevention, Advanced WildFire, Advanced URL Filtering, DNS Security, and SaaS Security.

What's New

Date Highlights
June 28, 2024

RBI 2.0 provides the following enhancements:

  • Third-party content disarm and reconstruction (CDR) integration with Votiro to analyze and sanitize files before they can be downloaded
  • Performance and stability improvements for quicker page load times
November 17, 2023

The initial release of Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) introduces:

  • Near-native browsing experience
  • Security that is policy-driven
  • Simple onboarding and configuration
  • Convenient monitoring and troubleshooting