Modify Administrative Account and Update Stack (v2.0)

If you have already deployed the template and now want to change the password for the administrative account or create a new administrative user account on the VM-Series firewall, you must generate a new API key and update the template stack with the new API key for the administrative user account. And in order to ensure that new firewall instances are configured with the updated administrative user account, you need to export the firewall configuration and rename it to bootstrap.xml, then upload it to the S3 bootstrap folder that the VM-Series AutoScaling template uses.
  1. Log in to the web interface of the firewall and change the credentials for an existing administrative user or create a new account.
  2. Export the current running configuration and rename it to bootstrap.xml.
  3. Upload this bootstrap.xml file to the S3 bootstrap folder; see Customize the Bootstrap.xml File (v2.0).
  4. Update the API key in the stack to ensure that newly launched firewalls will have the updated administrator account.

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