Standalone WildFire API Subscription

Palo Alto Networks customers operating SOAR tools, custom security applications, and other threat assessment software can access the advanced file analysis capabilities of the WildFire cloud with a standalone subscription that provides API-only access. This allows you to leverage WildFire-based analytics without relying on the Palo Alto Networks firewall as a forwarding mechanism. The WildFire Standalone API subscription allows you to make direct queries to the WildFire cloud threat database for information about potentially malicious content, and submit files for analysis using the advanced threat analysis capabilities of WildFire, based on your organization’s specific requirements. The enhanced access limits of the subscription allow organizations of various sizes to customize their access limits according to their usage - this includes scalable licenses that allow a specific number of file/report queries, sample submissions (for WildFire analysis), or a combination of the two.
You can view and manage your API usage, including a history of recent submissions, API key details, usage statistics/limits, and your organization’s verdict statistics in the WildFire cloud portal. You can also perform the same tasks that are available as API endpoints directly through the portal, such as uploading samples and viewing WildFire reports though an easy to use interface.
Take a look at the following table for an overview of tasks you can perform through the WildFire portal.
I want to...
Task Link
Retrieve my WildFire API key from the WildFire portal.
Upload samples to the WildFire cloud using the WildFire portal.
View and/or download the WildFire analysis reports using the WildFire portal.
Allow other users from my organization to be able to access the WildFire portal.
Update the general user settings of the WildFire portal.

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