WildFire API Error Codes

The WildFire™ API uses standard HTTP status codes when returning errors. An accompanying error messages includes additional details for clarification.
HTTP Status Code
200 OK
Successful call.
401 Invalid API key
Invalid API key. Ensure that the API is correct. Read more about WildFire API Access Control.
403 Forbidden
Permission Denied.
404 Not Found
The sample or report was not found.
405 Unsupported Method
Invalid request method. Ensure you are using POST for all calls except for
413 Request Entity Too Large
Sample file size over maximum limit.
418 Unsupported File Type
Sample file type is not supported.
419 Max Request Reached
The maximum number of uploads per day has been exceeded. If you continue to make API requests, you will receive this error until the daily limit resets at 23:59:00 UTC. Read more about WildFire API Access Control.
420 Insufficient Arguments
Insufficient arguments. Ensure the request has the required request parameters.
421 Invalid Argument
Invalid arguments. Ensure the request is properly constructed.
422 Unprocessable Entities
The provided file or URL cannot be processed. Possible reasons include:
  • The specified URL cannot be downloaded.
  • The specified file has formatting errors or invalid content.
500 Internal Error
Internal error.
File upload failed.

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