WildFire U.S. Government Cloud

The Palo Alto Networks WildFire U.S. Government cloud is a high-security malware analysis platform that is FedRAMP (Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program) authorized. This WildFire cloud environment is intended for use only by U.S. federal agencies which require a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services. This allows you to prevent evasive zero-day threats and malware affecting critical government agencies with the added advantage of a reliable cloud-based service that meets stringent federal requirements for data privacy and regulatory integrity.
For additional details, including usage limitations, on the U.S. Government malware analysis service, go to WildFire U.S. Government Cloud.
In order to connect to the WildFire: U.S. Government cloud, you must apply for access. Follow any internal procedural measures to determine the suitability of using the WildFire: U.S Government cloud within your network, such as, but not limited to conducting a risk analysis, evaluation of the CSP submission package, and authorization approvals. Please contact your Palo Alto Networks sales representative / WildFire: U.S. Government Cloud point of contact to discuss any additional operational details.
Requests to access the WildFire U.S. Government cloud begins when you have met the proper organization requirements for operating a FedRAMP authorized service. There are two entity categories who can access the WildFire U.S. government cloud: U.S. government contractors and U.S. federal agencies (and other approved governmental departments). Both entities have specific requirements for accessing the WildFire U.S. government cloud:
  1. U.S. Federal Agencies
    U.S. federal agencies, departments, and bureaus must receive an Authority to Operate (ATO) by the Designated Approving Authority (DAA), which authorizes operation of the WildFire U.S. government cloud within an agencies operations, before access is granted.
    1. Inform the Palo Alto Networks FedRAMP Point of Contact (fedramp@paloaltonetworks.com) of the intention to use the WildFire U.S. government cloud.
    2. Send a request to info@fedramp.gov.
    3. Complete the Package Access Request Form and submit it to info@fedramp.gov.
      The FedRAMP Program Management Office (PMO) reviews the form and typically issues a temporary 30 day access to the WildFire FedRAMP package.
    4. Complete any internal processes required to adapt the WildFire FedRAMP package to your deployment.
    5. Issue the Authorization to Operate (ATO).
    6. Send a request to the FedRAMP PMO for permanent access to the WildFire U.S. government cloud.
  2. U.S. Government Contractors
    U.S. government contractors who use or access the WildFire U.S. government cloud must meet the following requirements.
    1. Must be a citizen of the United States.
    2. Hold an active contract (or subcontract) with a U.S. federal government agency with an occupational requirement for information exchange using the Internet, such as email correspondence, sharing of documents, and other forms of Internet communication.
    3. Upon termination of a contractor’s employment, the user must cease using or accessing the WildFire U.S. government cloud.
    4. Abide by the confidentiality provisions contained within the Palo Alto Networks EULA.
After your organization issues an Authorization to Operate (ATO) or when applicable U.S. government contractors meet all usage requirements, only then can a request be made to access the WildFire U.S. Government cloud by contacting your Palo Alto Networks Account team.
  1. Contact your FedRAMP Program Management Office (PMO) to determine the viability of the U.S. Government cloud for your security needs.
  2. Contact the Palo Alto Networks point of contact specified in the FedRAMP Marketplace. The point of contact provides additional information about the service, as well as any other operational details pertinent to your particular WildFire deployment.
  3. Contact the Palo Alto Networks Account Team to begin the on-boarding process. The Account Team will request the following information regarding customer details and deployment specifics.
    • Contact information.
    • A brief description for migrating to the WildFire U.S. Government cloud.
    • A statement of organizational compliance with the confidentiality provisions outlined within the Palo Alto Networks EULA.
    • Egress IP addresses of all firewall gateways (including management planes), as well as all instances of Panorama.
  4. After WildFire Program Management grants approval to use the WildFire U.S. Government cloud (typically in one to three business days), Palo Alto Networks Development Operations applies the appropriate controls.
  5. After access to the WildFire U.S. Government cloud is granted, reconfigure the firewall to forward unknown files and email links for analysis using the following URL: wildfire.gov.paloaltonetworks.com. For more information, see Forward Files for Wildfire Analysis. If you require any additional assistance, contact Palo Alto Networks Customer Support.

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