Windows 10 Analysis Environment

The WildFire public cloud can now analyze files using the Windows 10 VM, further increasing the threat prevention coverage capabilities of WildFire. No additional configuration is required to take advantage of the new VM.
This virtual analysis environment is configured using the following system attributes:
Platform ID 66
: Windows 10 x64, Flash 22, Adobe Reader 11, and Office 2010.
  • The Windows 10 VM only supports analysis of 64-bit PE files.
  • The WildFire appliance does not support the Windows 10 analysis environment.
Files analyzed using the new VM will be shown in your
WildFire Analysis Report
, under the
Dynamic Analysis
heading. You can select the virtual machines that were used to analyze a file and view the details of behaviors detected in the file.
For more information about submitting files for analysis, refer to: Submit Files for Wildfire Analysis

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