WildFire Real-Time Signature Updates

The Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewall now supports real-time retrieval of WildFire
signatures. This enables you to access the signatures as soon as they are generated, which greatly minimizes the window in which malware can infiltrate your network. Signature downloads that occur during a sample check are saved in the firewall cache and are available for fast (local) look-ups. In addition, to maximize coverage, the firewall automatically downloads a supplementary signature package on a regular basis when you enable real-time signatures. These signatures remain available in the firewall cache until they become stale and are refreshed or are overwritten by new signature updates. Palo Alto Networks determines which protections are the most relevant and timely and includes those in the signature packages.
  1. To unlock access to real-time WildFire signatures, you must have a WildFire subscription service license. Make sure to activate the license on the firewall if you have not done so already.
    1. Select
    2. Manually upload the license key or retrieve it from the Palo Alto Networks license server.
    3. Verify that the WildFire subscription license is active.
  2. Set the schedule for the firewall to retrieve WildFire signatures in real-time and install periodic signature packages every five minutes.
    Even when the firewall is configured to use real-time signatures, supplemental signature packages are still installed on a regular basis. This provides an up-to-date signature source when you experience connectivity issues, as well as a speed benefit, where signatures are available locally.
    1. Select
      Dynamic Updates
    2. Select the
      for WildFire updates.
    3. Set the
      (how often the firewall checks the Palo Alto Networks update server for new signatures) for
    4. Click
      to save the WildFire update schedule and then
      your changes.

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