WildFire Appliance Monitoring Enhancements

WildFire now features new CLI commands and system logging events for you to better monitor and manage your appliance performance, system resources, as well as to troubleshoot various issues.
About Each Enhancement
Monitoring System Logs
The WildFire appliance now logs additional system events, including those used to monitor the health and status of WildFire cluster nodes, core services, and select analyzer-related components. You can use this information to troubleshoot issues, verify system configuration, as well as for general monitoring purposes.
The following topics introduce several ways logging information can be used:
Monitoring CLI
WildFire has new CLI (command line interface) commands to help administrators monitor analysis-related activity, including platform utilization information, the current sample queue, and sample process details, as well as being able to check the data migration progress.
For more information about the CLI commands, view the following topics in the WildFire Administration Guide:

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