Integrate with a Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) Provider

Advanced URL Filtering

Integrate with a Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) Provider

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Integrate with a Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) Provider

Where can I use this?
What do I need?
  • Prisma Access
  • Advanced URL Filtering license
Prisma Access licenses usually include Advanced URL Filtering capabilities.
While it’s the most secure action, blocking unknown and risky sites can disrupt your users’ experience and productivity. Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) redirects users from unknown or risky sites to an isolated environment hosted by an RBI provider. The website is rendered for the user and they can view the resources they need, without directly accessing the unknown or risky site from their endpoint.
Prisma Access easily integrates with RBI providers for this type of browser redirection. In just a step or two, you can choose the RBI provider to integrate with, and then choose the URL categories that you want to direct to the RBI provider’s hosted environment.
Here are the RBI provides Prisma Access integrates with—some providers might require for you to add RBI environment details (like a vanity URL or tenant ID) to Prisma Access to set up the integration:
  • Authentic8
    To integrate with Authentic8, have the vanity URL for the Authentic8 RBI environment at hand.
  • Proofpoint
    To integrate with Proofpoint, be ready to choose to use the Proofpoint production or PoC environment for RBI.
  • Ericom
    To integrate with Ericom, have the tenant ID for the Ericom RBI environment at hand.
  • Menlo Security
    You don’t need to configure any settings for the Menlo Security RBI environment; all you need to do is enable the integration.
Here’s how to add your RBI provider to Prisma Access and specify the URL categories that’ll redirect users to the RBI environment.
  1. Set up Remote Browser Isolation (RBI).
    • Go to
      Security Services
      URL Access Management
      and open the
      Remote Browser Isolation Settings
    • : Navigate to
      Web Security
      Threat Management
      and open the
      Remote Browser Isolation Settings
  2. Check if your RBI requires you to specify the RBI environment you want to use; if so, enter the required settings.
  3. Then choose the RBI provider you want to enable and
    . That’s it! When you next
    Push Config
    , your RBI provider will integrate with Prisma Access.
  4. Now, specify the URL categories that will redirect users to the RBI environment.
    Go to
    URL Access Management > Access Control
    and add or edit a
    URL Access Management Profile
    In the
    Access Control
    settings, update
    Site Access
    The new
    action redirects users to the RBI environment instead of presenting them with a block page.

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