Activate Credits


Activate Credits

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Activate Credits

Activate Software NGFW credits in the CSP.
Where Can I Use This?
What Do I Need?
  • CN-Series Firewall
  • CN-Series 10.1.x or above Container Images
  • Panorama
    running PAN-OS 10.1.x or above version
  • Helm 3.6 or above version client
    for CN-Series deployment with Helm
Within your organization you can create many accounts, each with a different purpose. During activation you can choose only one account per default credit pool. Once the credit pool is active, users granted the credit administrator role can allocate the credits for deployments, and even transfer credits to other pools.
If you have an existing CSP account and are a superuser or an admin, the system automatically adds the credit admin role to your profile. If you do not have an existing account, the CSP automatically creates an account for you and adds the credit admin role to your profile.
You (the purchaser) receive an email detailing the subscription, the credit pool ID, the subscription start and end date, the amount of credits purchased, and the description of the default credit pool (the credit pool created when you activate your credits).
Secure this email for future reference.
  1. In the email, click
    Start Activation
    to view your available credit pools.
  2. Select the credit pool you want to activate. You can use the search field to filter your account list by number or name.
    If you have purchased multiple credit pools, both of them are automatically selected. The check marks represent activation links for onboarding credits.
    You are prompted to authenticate or sign in.
    If you deselect a credit pool, you see a reminder that if you want to activate those credits, you must return to the email and click the
    Start Activation
  3. Select
    Start Activation
  4. Select the support account (you can search by account number or name).
  5. Select the default credit pool.
  6. Select
    Deposit Credits
    You see a message that the deposit was successful.
  7. (
    ) If this is your first credit activation, you see the
    Create Deployment Profile

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