Migrate the CN-Series Firewall


Migrate the CN-Series Firewall

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Migrate the CN-Series Firewall

Where Can I Use This?
What Do I Need?
  • CN-Series Firewall
  • CN-Series Firewall
  • CN-Series 10.1.x or above Container Images
  • Panorama
    running PAN-OS 10.1.x or above version
You can upgrade the CN-Series firewall from PAN-OS 10.1.x to PAN-OS 10.2.x.,11.0.x or 11.1.x. You can also upgrade CN-Series firewall from PAN-OS 10.2.x to 11.0.x or 11.1.x. However, there is no direct upgrade path for the CN-Series when going from PAN-OS 10.0. to PAN-OS 10.2. Instead, you must delete your existing CN-Series firewall deployment and then redeploy.
Before you begin, ensure the CN-Series YAML file version is compatible with the PAN-OS version.
You must ensure that you download the correct combination of files for your CN-Series firewall deployment. For more information, see CN-Series Firewall Image and File Compatibility.
  1. Delete the existing CN-MGMT and CN-NGFW pods.
    1. kubectl delete -f pan-cn-mgmt.yaml
    2. kubectl delete -f pan-cn-ngfw.yaml
  2. Verify that the pods are deleted.
    1. kubectl get pods -n kube-system -l app=pan-mgmt
    2. kubectl get pods -n kube-system -l app=pan-ngfw
  3. Delete the existing persistent volume claims (PVCs) and persistent volumes (PVs)
    1. Use
      kubectl -n kube-system get pvc -l appname=pan-mgmt-sts
      to find all the PVCs and PVs associated with the pan-cn-mgmt.yaml.
      is the default appname selector for the CN-MGMT pods. If you modified the yaml to specify a different name, you must replace the appname to match. The following is a sample output from EKS:
      panconfig-pan-mgmt-sts-0 Bound pvc-<id> 8Gi RWO gp2 15h
      panconfig-pan-mgmt-sts-1 Bound pvc-<id> 8Gi RWO gp2 15h
      panlogs-pan-mgmt-sts-0 Bound pvc-<id> 20Gi RWO gp2 15h
      panlogs-pan-mgmt-sts-1 Bound pvc-<id> 20Gi RWO gp2 15h
      panplugincfg-pan-mgmt-sts-0 Bound pvc-<id> 1Gi RWO gp2 15
      panplugincfg-pan-mgmt-sts-1 Bound pvc-<id> 1Gi RWO gp2 15
      panplugins-pan-mgmt-sts-0 Bound pvc-<id> 1Gi RWO gp2 15h
      panplugins-pan-mgmt-sts-1 Bound pvc-<id> 1Gi RWO gp2 15h
      varcores-pan-mgmt-sts-0 Bound pvc-<id> 20Gi RWO gp2 15h
      varcores-pan-mgmt-sts-1 Bound pvc-<id> 20Gi RWO gp2 15h
      varlogpan-pan-mgmt-sts-0 Bound pvc-<id> 20Gi RWO gp2 15h
      varlogpan-pan-mgmt-sts-1 Bound pvc-<id> 20Gi RWO gp2 15h
      • For statically provisioned PVs, to delete the PVs (typically used on-premises deployments) you must explicitly delete the pan-cn-pv-local.yaml file and the directories that contain data on each node which hosts the CN-MGMT pods.
        Use the command
        rm -rf /mnt/pan-local1/*
        for deleting the PVs for pan-local 1 through 6.
      • For dynamically provisioned PVs, such as on the Managed Services/Cloud Platforms, when you delete the PVCs, the PVs are automatically deleted.
  4. Uninstall the Kubernetes Plugin on Panorama to remove your old configuration.

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