: Get Started with Device Associations

Get Started with Device Associations

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Get Started with
Device Associations

Device Associations
to view and organize your devices and easily associate them with cloud applications.
Part of
Common Services
Device Associations
provides a centralized management view of all devices in your deployment. It enables you to organize devices into tenant service group (TSGs) (logical containers for organizing devices) and makes it easy to associate supported cloud applications with your devices.
You can use
Device Associations
with the following applications:
  1. In
    Device Associations
    , you can view a list of all of the tenant service groups (TSGs) associated with your customer support account.
  2. Select a TSG to view any firewalls or Panorama appliances associated with it. If you don't see any, you can
    Add Devices
    from your customer support account.
  3. Add Device
    whenever you need to associate new devices with your TSG.
  4. After you've added a firewall or Panorama appliance, you can
    Associate Apps
    to begin using the device with apps that you have activated. The app must be compatible with the hardware model of your device, otherwise the device will not appear during app association.

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