VM-Series Plugin

View the VM-Series plugin version compatibility.
The VM-Series plugin is built in to the VM-Series firewalls. You can configure this plugin directly on the VM-Series firewall or from Panorama.
To manage the VM-Series plugin configuration of your managed firewalls from Panorama, you must manually install the VM-Series plugin on Panorama, refer to Panorama Plugins. For a comparison of the VM-Series plugin and Panorama plugins, see VM-Series Plugin and Panorama Plugins.
The following table shows the features introduced in each version of the VM-Series Plugin. For additional information about each version, refer to the release notes on the Customer Support Portal.
VM-Series Plugin VersionMinimum Pan-OS VersionNew Features or Changes
First VM-Series plugin. The VM-Series plugin enables publishing metrics for supported public clouds: AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform

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