Plan Your Cortex Data Lake Deployment

Requirements and tips for planning your Cortex Data Lake deployment.
Here are some requirements and tips to consider as you plan your Cortex™ Data Lake deployment:
  • Use the Cortex Sizing Calculator to calculate the amount of storage you need in Cortex Data Lake.
  • Consider that a Panorama™ appliance or firewall running PAN-OS
    9.1 and earlier versions cannot connect to Cortex Data Lake from behind a proxy (Cortex Data Lake requires mutual authentication).
    You can, however, enable proxy communication on appliances running PAN-OS 10.0 and later versions (
    Use proxy to send logs to Cortex Data Lake
  • Ensure that your firewalls meet the software version requirements for your deployment style: Panorama-managed or individually managed.
  • PA-220 and PA-800 Series firewalls running PAN-OS 9.0.2 or earlier do not support Cortex Data Lake logging without Panorama—for these firewalls, upgrade to PAN-OS 9.0.3 or later or use Panorama to enable Cortex Data Lake logging.
  • The process to activate Cortex Data Lake can vary depending on the other products you’re using (see Cortex Data Lake License).
  • If you’re using Panorama or Prisma™ Access, review this additional list of requirements to make sure that you have everything you need to get started with Cortex Data Lake.
When you have your plan finalized, here’s what you need to do to roll out your Cortex Data Lake deployment:

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