Log Viewer

View the log records that your devices have collected and stored in Cortex Data Lake.
Log Viewer
provides the capabilities of Explore — where you can view and interact with your logs stored in Cortex Data Lake — right in Activity.
Log Viewer
provides an audit trail for system, configuration, and network events. Jump from an Activity dashboard to your logs to get details and investigate findings. A query field and time range preferences help you narrow down the specific logs that are of interest to you.
Log Viewer
highlights actions and severity of the logs to help you understand how sessions are enforced. You can also view the details of the security artifacts of the logs in Search page.
* You can view details in Search for the following log types and log fields:
Log Type
Column Name
Traffic, Threat, URL, File
  • Source Address
  • Destination Address
  • NAT Source
  • NAT Destination
Threat, File
File Hash
  • URL
  • URL Domain
DNS Security
  • Source Address
  • Destination Address
  • Domain
  • FQDN
Some of the dashboards in Activity contain links that open Log Viewer to show you logs related to the data on the dashboard:

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