Route Trusted Traffic Directly Through the Internet (Split Tunneling)

Give trusted applications direct internet access to conserve bandwidth and reduce latency for employees who use them at home. This practice is commonly known as “split tunneling”. There is no security enforcement for trusted traffic.
Follow these steps to configure direct internet access for trusted traffic:
  1. Select
    Okyo Garde
    Network Settings
    from the sidebar.
  2. Go to the
    Direct Internet Access
    panel and select .
  3. Turn on direct internet access for applications such as Netflix, YouTube, and Zoom.
  4. Add
    additional domains, IP addresses, or subnets to give them direct internet access.
    To remove domains, IP addresses, or subnets you’ve added, select the checkbox next to the items in the list you want to remove, and then
  5. Save
    your split tunneling settings.

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