Prisma Access Visibility and Monitoring with Strata Cloud Manager

Prisma Access

Prisma Access Visibility and Monitoring with Strata Cloud Manager

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Prisma Access Visibility and Monitoring with Strata Cloud Manager

Learn about visibility and monitoring features in the Prisma Access app.
Where Can I Use This?
What Do I Need?
  • Prisma Access (Cloud Management)
  • Prisma Access (Panorama Managed)
  • Prisma Access license
  • For Prisma Access cloud management, you can use
    Strata Cloud Manager
  • or you can use
    to manage Prisma Access
These two management interfaces are how you handle onboarding, configuration, and security policy enforcement for your Prisma Access environment. However, Prisma Access also includes robust visibility and monitoring for your Prisma Access environment, and these features are provided on Strata Cloud Manager.
Regardless of the management interface you're using for Prisma Access (Strata Cloud Manager or Panorama), you can use Strata Cloud Manager for many of your Prisma Access visibility features, and to interact with add-on subscriptions like AI-Powered Autonomous DEM.
Prisma Access app → Strata Cloud Manager
Until June 2023, Prisma Access visibility features including Autonomous DEM and Prisma Access Insights were provided on the Prisma Access app. Starting in June 2023 and continuing through July 2023, the Prisma Access app is being updated to Strata Cloud Manager. Strata Cloud Manager is the new network security, unified management and operations platform. Learn more about Strata Cloud Manager, and what to expect as your Prisma Access visibility and monitoring experience is updated.
Prisma Access Visibility and Monitoring Features on Strata Cloud Manager
Prisma Access Insights gives you a way to continuously monitor your Prisma Access environment. When an event or status requires your attention, Insights sends you alert notifications so you can quickly pinpoint issues that you can fix. It also gives you the visibility into the fixes that the Prisma Access team is working on.
Provides native, end-to-end visibility and insights for all user traffic in your Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) environment. ADEM functionality is natively integrated into the GlobalProtect app and Prisma Access and therefore does not require you to deploy any additional appliances or agents. You can quickly isolate the source of digital experience problems, and simplify remediation.
This feature requires the Autonomous DEM add-on license to use with Panorama Managed Prisma Access.
Visibility features in Strata Cloud Manager identify key findings that you can use to inform your policy updates and close enterprise security and user productivity gaps.
  • Interactive dashboards
    Explore data for the applications, threats, users, security subscriptions at work in your network
  • Reports
    Many dashboards support reports, where you can share data offline and schedule for regular updates

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