Introducing Strata Cloud Manager
Strata Cloud Manager

Introducing Strata Cloud Manager

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Introducing Strata Cloud Manager

Palo Alto Networks
Strata Cloud Manager
is a new AI-powered Network Security platform that gives you unified management for Prisma Access and NGFWs. With
Strata Cloud Manager
management, all your enterprise traffic gets consistent policy enforcement and AIOps-powered security scanning.
Where Can I Use This?
What Do I Need?
  • Prisma Access
    (Cloud Managed)
  • Prisma Access
    (Panorama Managed)
  • NGFW (PAN-OS or Panorama Managed)
  • NGFW (Cloud Managed)
  • VM-Series, funded with Software NGFW Credits
  • Prisma SD-WAN
You must have at least one of these licenses to use
Strata Cloud Manager
  • Prisma Access
  • AIOps for NGFW Premium
  • Prisma SD-WAN
See all licenses that enable additional
Strata Cloud Manager
features and capabilities
Palo Alto Networks Strata Cloud Manager empowers you with AI-powered, unified management and operations for your entire network security deployment . With Strata Cloud Manager you can easily manage your entire Palo Alto Networks Network Security infrastructure – your NGFWs and SASE environment – from a single, streamlined user interface. Gain comprehensive visibility into users, branch sites, applications, and threats across all network security enforcement points; this gives you actionable insights, better security, and easy troubleshooting and problem resolution.
  • Predict and Prevent Network Disruptions
    Strata Cloud Manager
    predicts and prevents network disruptions and quickly remediates issues, so that you and your users can continue day-to-day business and stay productive.
  • Strengthen Security with Real-Time Best Practices
    Strata Cloud Manager identifies vital and underused security capabilities, and guides you to enable them based onthe best practices that align with your needs. Strengthen your security posture with built-in best practices, and inline remediation features powered by AIOps.
  • Simple and Consistent Network Security Management and Operations
    Strata Cloud Manager consolidates your security tools for improved operation and insights, so that you can adopt a simple and consistent management experience for your entire network security stack.

How Strata Cloud Manager Strengthens Security

Maximize usage of security capabilities
  • See the security features you're using, and identify gaps in adoption of security features you could be leveraging. → Feature Adoption
  • See adoption rates for your security services subscriptions. → CDSS Adoption
  • See how your security features adhere to best practices, or where you can make improvements to strengthen your security posture.→ Built-In Best Practices
Strengthen and optimize existing configuration
Clean up and streamline your security policy based on usage data and auto-generated recommendations.
  • Clean up objects that aren't referenced in policy, and rules without any traffic hits; these objects and rules can clog up performance and complicate policy management. → Config Clean-Up
  • Rules that are too broad introduce security gaps because they allow applications that aren’t in use in your network. Policy optimizer enables you to convert these overly permissive rules to more specific, focused rules that only allow the applications you’re actually using. → Policy Optimizer
Real time guidance for secure configuration

How Strata Cloud Manager Predicts and Prevents Network Disruptions

Comprehensive Observability
  • Know how your network is being kept safe by security infrastructure. → Command Center
  • Know the health and performance of users, branch sites, applications, and IT infrastructure, from
    a single dashboard. → SASE Health dashboard
  • Know the health and performance of devices from a single dashboard. → Device Health dashboard
Forecast health and remediate disruptions
Automatic forecasts prevent potential disruptions; when issues are detected, actionable insights expedite resolutions.
Plan for evolving security needs

How Strata Cloud Manager Works Everywhere Consistently

Consistent configuration
Apply consistent policies across all enforcement points with streamlined processes, and eliminate the need to make individual changes for NGFWs and SASE deployments.
Flexible configuration organization
Simplify configuration management at scale with easy folder and device management workflows.
  • Apply configuration settings and enforce policy globally across your entire environment, or target settings and policy to certain parts of your organization. → Configuration Scope
  • Logically group your firewalls or deployment types (Prisma Access mobile users, remote networks, or service connections) for simplified configuration management. → Folder Management
  • Group configurations that you can quickly push to your firewalls or deployments. → Snippets
  • You have the flexibility to accommodate unique configuration values that are device or deployment specific. → Variables
Achieve unified visibility into threats
  • Get comprehensive visibility across your network traffic, subscriptions, users, applications, networks, threats, and more. → Monitoring
  • Get an interactive view of the applications, ION devices, threats, users, and security subscriptions at work in your network. The dashboards provide visibility into the health, security posture, and activity happening in your deployment that helps you to prevent or address performance and security gaps in your network.→ Dashboards
  • Get reports on the network traffic patterns, bandwidth utilization, your security subscription data and more. Reports provide actionable insight into your network that you can use for planning and monitoring purposes.→ Reports

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