Manage: Configuration Scope

Strata Cloud Manager

Manage: Configuration Scope

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Manage: Configuration Scope

Strata Cloud Manager
, you can apply configuration settings and enforce policy globally across your entire environment, or target settings and policy to certain parts of your organization. When working in your
Strata Cloud Manager
configuration management, the current
Configuration Scope
is always visible to you, and you can toggle your view to manage a broader or more granular configuration.
configuration settings help you to easily manage and enforce policy requirements that apply across all your network traffic. Aternatively, you can target policy and configuration settings to the types of deployments where they make sense.
  • Prisma Access
    • Mobile Users Container
      – Settings apply across all mobile user connection types: GlobalProtect and Explicit Proxy, or individually to each connection type.
    • Remote Networks
      – Settings apply to remote network sites (branch offices, retail locations, etc.).
    • Service Connections
      – Settings apply to service connection sites (HQ and data centers).
  • All Firewalls
    – Settings apply across all your NGFWs, or to specific folders that group together NGFWs that require shared or specific configuration settings or policy enforcement.
Learn more about:
  • Use folders to logically group your devices and deployment types for simplified configuration management.
  • Use snippets to group configurations that you can quickly push to your firewalls or deployments.
  • Use variables your configurations to accommodate device or deployment-specific configuration objects.

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