Monitor Okyo Garde at a Glance

In addition to the Okyo Garde Employees screen and the Logs, dashboards are a convenient way to monitor the health and usage of Okyo Garde. The Okyo Garde Overview screen and the Insights Okyo Garde dashboard are two places you’ll find a wealth of information about what’s happening with your Okyo Garde implementation.

Okyo Garde Overview

screen is the place to view your organization's Okyo Garde subscriptions. Visit this page after you add employees and assign subscriptions to them to quickly see the status of your organization’s subscriptions.

To view your organization’s subscriptions, select
Okyo Garde
from the sidebar.
A) Subscriptions
Shows the assigned status of your organization’s subscribed devices.
  • Available
    The remaining number of devices you can assign to employees. This number decreases as you assign devices.
  • Assigned
    The number of devices you’ve assigned to employees regardless of whether employees have activated the devices. This number increases as you assign devices.
  • Activated
    The number of assigned devices that have been activated by employees. This number increases as employees activate their assigned devices. A device is activated when the employee registers it using its QR code and connects it to the Okyo cloud.
  • Assigned but not Activated
    The number of assigned devices that have been not been activated by employees. This number increases as employees activate their assigned devices.
There are two subscription types available:
  • Okyo Garde router
    - The gateway to Okyo Garde services from employees’ homes.
  • Okyo Garde mesh
    - A mesh node to extend the coverage of Okyo Garde in employees’ homes.
B) Employees
Shows employees and the status of their subscriptions.
C) Activated Okyo Garde Devices
Shows the online status of activated Okyo Garde routers.
D) Devices Connected to Okyo Garde
Shows the various types of devices that are connected to Okyo Garde.

Okyo Garde Dashboard in Insights

Okyo Garde dashboard shows data related to your organization’s Okyo Garde devices and the users who connect through those devices.
To view the Okyo Garde Dashboard in Insights, select
Okyo Garde
from the sidebar. This dashboard has the following tabs:
  • Monitoring Summary Tab
  • Map View Tab
  • Okyo Garde Device List Tab
For detailed information about the Okyo Garde Dashboard widgets introduced below, see Prisma Access Insights.
A) Monitoring Summary
Shows an overview of the health of your Okyo Garde connection. The Monitoring Summary tab has the following widgets:
  • Top 5 Alerts by Severity
  • Device Status
  • Tunnel Status
  • Unique Okyo Garde Device Connections to Prisma Access Locations (Real Time)
B) Map View
Shows how many Okyo Garde devices are connected through a given geographic location during a specified time period.
C) Okyo Garde Device List
Provides an overview of the devices that are connected at a specific time, based on the Time Range selected. This tab includes the following widgets:
  • Unique Okyo Garde Devices Connected Over Time
  • Total Okyo Garde Devices

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