Test Policy Rules

Test the traffic policy matches of the running firewall configuration.
Test the policy rules in your running configuration to ensure that your policies appropriately allow and deny traffic and access to applications and websites in compliance with your business needs and requirements. You can test and verify that your policy rules are allowing and denying the correct traffic by executing policy match tests for your firewalls directly from the web interface.
  1. Select
    to perform a policy match or connectivity test.
  2. Enter the required information to perform the policy match test. In this example, we run a NAT policy match test.
    1. Select Test
      NAT Policy Match
    2. From
      —Select the zone traffic is originating from.
    3. To
      —Select the target zone of the traffic.
    4. Source
      —Enter the IP address from which traffic originated.
    5. Destination
      —Enter the IP address of the target device for the traffic.
    6. Destination Port
      —Enter the port used for the traffic. This port varies depending on the IP protocol used in the following step.
    7. Protocol
      —Enter the IP protocol used for the traffic.
    8. If necessary, enter any additional information relevant for your NAT policy rule testing.
  3. Execute
    the NAT policy match test.
  4. Review the
    NAT Policy Match Result
    to see the policy rules that match the test criteria.

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