Persistent Uncommitted Changes on PAN-OS

Uncommitted changes on firewalls and the Panorama™ management server persist in the event of an unplanned restart.
In the event of an unforeseen restart of your firewall or Panorama™ management server, PAN-OS now preserves all uncommitted configuration changes locally until a commit executes successfully. An unforeseen restart can be of the PAN-OS device itself or of a PAN-OS management process related to configuration management. This helps eliminate the need to recreate configuration changes when an unforeseen restart occurs. By default, firewalls and Panorama maintain any uncommitted configuration changes on upgrade to PAN-OS 10.1.0 or later release and does not require you to configure or enable anything to leverage this functionality.
For firewalls or Panorama in a high availability (HA) configuration, the uncommitted configuration changes do not automatically sync across the HA peers in the event of an unforeseen restart. To sync uncommitted configuration changes to the firewall or Panorama HA peer, enter the following command:
request high availabilty sync-to-remote candidate-config
All uncommitted configuration changes on the firewall or Panorama are fully removed when you revert the running configuration. If you revert specific device group and template configuration on Panorama, only the uncommitted changes associated with the selected device groups and templates are removed.

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