DPDK Support for Different NIC Types

Increase performance for DPDK and PacketMMAP.
VM-Series firewalls now support multiple NIC types and multiple queues. You can configure both SR-IOV and DPDK for all hypervisors on cloud platforms that support multiple NIC types. In addition, a single NIC type with variable queues (available on some cloud platforms) is also supported.
For example, you can now use both SR-IOV and DPDK with the Cisco ENCS uCPE appliance, which has both IGB (WAN) and IXGBE (LAN) drivers.
Each NIC can support a different number of queues. PAN-OS queries each DPDK interface to find the number of queues, calculates the total number of queues, then assigns them to the available data plane cores in a round-robin fashion.
Please contact Technical Support if you want to configure this feature.

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