Copy ToS Header Support

SD-WAN allows you to copy the ToS field from inner IP header to outer IPSec header on application traffic going through an IPSec tunnel.
You can tag application traffic going from a source to a destination with Type of Service (ToS) bits or Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) markings (RFC 2474) so that network devices along the way can provide QoS to the traffic. When that traffic goes through an SD-WAN virtual interface, the traffic goes through a VPN tunnel, which requires encapsulation. Therefore, each packet’s ToS bits or DSCP markings must be copied from the inner IP header to the outer VPN header so that the networking devices between the originating firewall and terminating firewall can apply the proper QoS to each packet.
To satisfy that requirement, beginning with PAN-OS 10.2.1 and SD-WAN Plugin 3.0.1, you can have an SD-WAN hub or branch copy the ToS field from the inner IPv4 header to the outer VPN header of encapsulated packets going through the VPN tunnel. The ToS field can contain ToS bits or DSCP markings. The
Copy ToS Header
option also copies the Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN) field.
  1. Select
    and select a branch or hub.
  2. Select the
    VPN Tunnel
  3. Select
    Copy ToS Header
    (disabled by default).
  4. Click
  5. Commit

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