About Panorama

Panorama enables you to effectively configure, manage, and monitor your Palo Alto Networks firewalls with central oversight. The three main areas in which Panorama adds value are:
  • Centralized configuration and deployment
    —To simplify central management and rapid deployment of the firewalls and WildFire appliances on your network, use Panorama to pre-stage the firewalls and WildFire appliances for deployment. You can then assemble the firewalls into groups, and create templates to apply a base network and device configuration and use device groups to administer globally shared and local policy rules. See Centralized Firewall Configuration and Update Management.
  • Aggregated logging with central oversight for analysis and reporting
    —Collect information on activity across all the managed firewalls on the network and centrally analyze, investigate and report on the data. This comprehensive view of network traffic, user activity, and the associated risks empowers you to respond to potential threats using the rich set of policies to securely enable applications on your network. See Centralized Logging and Reporting.
  • Distributed administration
    —Enables you to delegate or restrict access to global and local firewall configurations and policies. See Role-Based Access Control for delegating appropriate levels of access for distributed administration.
Four Panorama Models are available: the Panorama virtual appliance, M-600 appliance, M-500 appliance, and M-200 appliance are supported in PAN-OS 10.0. Panorama Centralized Management illustrates how you can deploy Panorama in a high availability (HA) configuration to manage firewalls.
Panorama Centralized Management

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