Centralized Logging and Reporting

Panorama aggregates logs from all managed firewalls and provides visibility across all the traffic on the network. It also provides an audit trail for all policy modifications and configuration changes made to the managed firewalls. In addition to aggregating logs, Panorama can forward them as SNMP traps, email notifications, syslog messages, and HTTP payloads to an external server.
For centralized logging and reporting, you also have the option to use the cloud-based Cortex Data Lake that is architected to work seamlessly with Panorama. The Cortex Data Lake allows your managed firewalls to forward logs to the Cortex Data Lake infrastructure instead of to Panorama or to the managed Log Collectors, so you can augment your existing distributed log collection setup or to scale your current logging infrastructure without having to invest time and effort yourself.
The Application Command Center (ACC) on Panorama provides a single pane for unified reporting across all the firewalls. It enables you to centrally Monitor Network Activity, to analyze, investigate, and report on traffic and security incidents. On Panorama, you can view logs and generate reports from logs forwarded to the Cortex Data Lake, Panorama or to the managed Log Collectors, if configured, or you can query the managed firewalls directly. For example, you can generate reports about traffic, threat, and/or user activity in the managed network based on logs stored on Panorama (and the managed collectors) or by accessing the logs stored locally on the managed firewalls, or in the Cortex Data Lake.
If you don’t Configure Log Forwarding to Panorama or the Cortex Data Lake, you can schedule reports to run on each managed firewall and forward the results to Panorama for a combined view of user activity and network traffic. Although reports don’t provide a granular drill-down on specific information and activities, they still provide a unified monitoring approach.

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