Release Updates for Reports

See what’s new in Prisma Access reports.
Here’s what’s new in Prisma Access
, and the issues we’re working on to make reports even better.
Prisma Access reports are available in Prisma Access Cloud Management on the hub; all Prisma Access users can access these reports, regardless of the interface you’re using to manage your Prisma Access environment (Panorama or cloud management).

What’s New

Reports are brand new to Prisma Access! Go to Prisma Access Cloud Management on the hub, and find Reports on the left nav to start exploring.

Known Issues

Known Issues in Prisma Access Cloud Management Reports
New Prisma Access Cloud Management instances that are associated with a Cortex Data Lake instance in the EU, will show only the Usage report at first. It’ll take up to 24 hours for the App report and the User Activity to populate after onboarding.
In the Usage reports, the widget that shows data on the Top Prisma Access Locations for Remote Networks might show only partial or obscured location names.
Sometimes, the total number of remote network sites displayed in the Usage report is different than the total number of remote network sites displayed on the Prisma Access Overview.
In the PDF version of the Usage report, the first page summary lists the number of Prisma Access locations that you’re using; the number shown might not be accurate.
In the Usage report, some widgets display a trend over time, and the widget x-axis is what indicates the time over which the data is displayed. Sometimes, the x-axis adjusts to only show the time for which there was data, instead of the filter you selected (24 hours, a week, or a month).
In the User Activity Report, the doughnut chart described as showing total data transfer and sessions across all URL categories, is actually showing data transfer and sessions only for the top 10 URL categories.
For now, you can add up to 14 scheduled reports.
Clicking Reports on the left navigation to go return to the Reports homepage from a report or from the schedule reports page might not work. Instead, use the back button on your browser or use the Report breadcrumbs:

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