Verify and Troubleshoot the Aruba Remote Network

Use the procedures in this section to verify and troubleshoot the Aruba SD-WAN.

Verify the Aruba Remote Network

To verify the status of the remote network tunnel, perform one or more of the following steps.
  • Check the state of the tunnel from the interface of Aruba Central from the
    gateway monitoring
    page, in the
  • Check the state of the tunnel from Prisma Access by selecting
  • Use CLI from the BGWs, either through SSH or through the remote console provided in Aruba central.
  • You can also use CLI to verify if the user is in the correct role.

Troubleshoot the Aruba Remote Network

Prisma Access provides logs and widgets that provide you with the status of remote tunnels and the status of each tunnel.
  • Go to
    Service Setup
    Remote Networks
    and check the
    of the tunnel.
  • Go to
    Log Viewer
    and check the
    logs for IPSec- and IKE-related messages.
    To view VPN-relates messages, set the filter to
    sub_type.value = vpn
    The message
    ignoring unauthenticated notify payload
    indicates that the route has not been added in the crypto map on the other side of the IPSec tunnel after the IPSec negotiation has already occurred.
  • Check the
    logs and view the messages that are coming from the zone that has the same name as the remote network.
    In the logs, the remote network name is used as the source zone.

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