: Panorama High Availability (HA) Support

Panorama High Availability (HA) Support

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Panorama High Availability (HA) Support

Panorama HA support for the CloudBlade Integration
To enable the Prisma Access for Networks (Panorama Managed) CloudBlade integration with an existing Panorama HA pair, make sure the following criteria are met:
  • Set up the Panorama HA pairand save the serial numbers of both the Panorama instances.
  • Install the SD-WAN authorization key on both Panorama instances.
  • The CSP version running on both the Panorama instances must be identical.

Configure the CloudBlade HA Panorama Pair

To configure the Prisma Access for Networks (Panorama Managed) CloudBlade with a HA Panorama pair, enter the serial numbers separated by a comma in the CloudBlade configuration screen. For example, SERIAL001, SERIAL002.
The serial numbers can be in any order. Make sure to avoid whitespaces between serial numbers.
To configure the Prisma SD-WAN integration on a Panorama HA pair, enable the active Panorama to register itself. The CloudBlade must indicate a successful integration on the CloudBlade configuration screen. After successful registration, enable the SD-WAN integration on the passive Panorama instance.

Handle Failover Events

The SD-WAN integration with Panorama HA pair enabled may have the following scenarios:
  • The Prisma Access for networks (Panorama managed) CloudBlade issues commands (makes changes) only on an active Panorama instance.
  • The Panorama passive instance is accepted after the Panorama active instance shows no activity for 10 minutes.
  • After a fail-over on a Panorama pair, any unsynced changes from the active to the passive instances are rewritten.
  • You can change the serial numbers of the Panorama instances at any time.
  • If you are moving from a HA Panorama to a Non-HA setup, update the serial number from the CloudBlade configuration screen by entering the correct Panorama serial number.

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