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Upgrade On-Premises Controller

Learn to upgrade the on-premises controller.
Upgrade the on-premises controller from the Operator's console dashboard. The current version supported is release 6.2.3.
For any installation or upgrade support, contact Customer Support or the Product Management team.
  1. Copy the required qcow file of the controller version at the location
    and ensure the script
    is present at the location
  2. Export the version to be upgraded (for example UPGRADE_BUNDLE_VERSION=6.2.3_1.3.54 ) and execute the following command:
    ./ all –ng-onprem-env=”True”
    The command extracts the qcow file and places the files in the right folder. Latest 3 qcow files are available in the system, older ones are deleted. During the upgrade process, the Administrator and Operator consoles are not accessible. You may get a server error if you try to access the portals.
  3. On the Dashboard, click the
    When the controller upgrade is available, the Upgrade option is clickable.
  4. The
    Controller Image Upgrade
    shows the current version and version available for upgrade. Select the required version and click
    After the pre-checks are done, the upgrade process begins. You can track the progress of the upgrade and the log files.
  5. After the upgrade, you get the successful notification.
  6. Click the
    Back to Dashboard
    to go back to the Operator console dashboard.

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