Enterprise DLP App on Hub

Use Enterprise DLP app to gain visibility into the health of the DLP service.
DLP (Data Loss Prevention) protects sensitive data and enables compliance and data privacy across your organization. With an Enterprise DLP license, you can access Enterprise DLP app, which provides visibility into the health of the DLP service—in real‑time. DLP service insights are available for any Palo Alto Networks product where you purchased an Enterprise DLP license.

Access DLP Health and Telemetry Dashboard

DLP Health and Telemetry Dashboard is accessible from Enterprise DLP app on the hub. All you need is an account administrator role or app administrator role on the hub and valid Enterprise DLP license associated with that support account.
  1. Log in to the hub with your SSO credentials.
  2. Click on the
    Enterprise DLP

Monitor DLP Status

The Dashboard displays real-time DLP status. If you experience issues with DLP (for example, the SaaS Security web interface doesn’t display data patterns or data profiles), verify that the DLP service status is
  1. Log in to Enterprise DLP app.
  2. Observe the
    DLP Service Status
    and the
    Last Updated
    DLP services are up and running.
    Service Unavailable
    DLP services are down.

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