New Features in March 2024
Strata Cloud Manager

New Features in March 2024

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New Features in March 2024

Here are the new features available in Strata Cloud Manager in March 2024.
Here are the latest new features introduced on Strata Cloud Manager. Features listed here include some feature highlights for the products supported with Strata Cloud Manager. For the full list of new features supported for a product you're using with Strata Cloud Manager, see the release notes for that product.

Changes to Monitor > Applications and Monitor > Users

If you’re using Strata Cloud Manager with NGFWs, in addition to Prisma Access:
The Strata Cloud Manager pages where you can monitor your applications and users, now include NGFW data.
  • Monitor > Applications
    The Prisma Access tab is now showing you NGFW data together with your Prisma Access data. This gives you a single, unified view of
    across your NGFWs and Prisma Access. If you need to view Autonomous DEM data, set the scope of the data on this tab to Prisma Access (since that data is specific to Prisma Access).
  • Monitor > Users
    page is now showing you NGFW data together with your Prisma Access data, giving you a single, unified view of all your users. If you need to view Autonomous DEM data, set the scope of the data on this tab to Prisma Access (since that data is specific to Prisma Access).
These changes are a step towards some new features we will be providing you very soon! As part of the upcoming changes, you can anticipate that this page will be consolidated into a brand new, interactive view that brings together all activity insights from across your NGFWs and Prisma Access deployments. Check back here in the release notes for the latest updates.

AIOps for NGFW: NGFW/Panorama Management Certificate Expiration Alert

March 1, 2024
Introducing the NGFW/Panorama Management Certificate Expiration alert that detects the upcoming expiration of the NGFW or Panorama Management certificate on devices by April 7, 2024. When these certificates expire, it results in a loss of connection between Panorama and NGFWs, M-Series appliances operating in PAN-DB private cloud mode, WildFire appliances (WF500/B), and Peer Panoramas, regardless of their management or Log Collector modes. Consequently, expired certificates compromise centralized management and visibility, posing security risks and operational inefficiencies. This alert helps you identify the PAN-OS devices within your network that are susceptible to this issue and provides information about the remediation options.
Supported on AIOps for NGFW Free and Strata Cloud Manager with AIOps for NGFW Premium license.
Health alerts actively monitor the health and performance of your platform in real-time. This approach helps in identifying issues, predicting potential problems, and implementing remediation actions to ensure your devices function optimally. Here are some key aspects:
  • Monitoring Metrics: Continuously monitor various metrics from the NGFWs, including CPU utilization, memory usage, disk space, network throughput, and other relevant performance indicators.
  • Anomaly Detection: Generate alerts that dynamically adjust based on the metric's historical value and your usage trends.
  • Predictive Analysis: Predict when certain thresholds exceed or when specific events occur by analyzing historical data and patterns. This helps forecast potential issues before they escalate.

AIOps for NGFW: Probable Cause Analysis with CDL

March 1, 2024
The probable cause analysis is enhanced to use the Cortex Data Lake (CDL) logs and provide additional metadata to identify the probable cause that led to the creation of an alert or incident. This analysis enables pinpointing the policies, applications, source zones, URLs, source IPs, and regions potentially causing the alert, thereby facilitating appropriate remediation actions. For instance, when session exhaustion triggers an
Adverse Resource Usage
alert, you can utilize the probable cause analysis to identify the primary contributors to the alert and follow the suggested remediation recommendations.
Supported on Strata Cloud Manager with AIOps for NGFW Premium license.
To troubleshoot the issues that cause alerts, AIOps for NGFW leverages advanced AI capabilities to provide probable causes for alerts. By reviewing these probable causes, you can identify the source of the issue and follow the provided recommendations for resolving it. This feature ensures optimal network performance by mitigating disruptions and maximizing the effectiveness of your cybersecurity solution.

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