Enable Alerts by Tag Type

Enable alerts based on Tag Types. You can choose to generate an alert for all samples in your network matched to a tag type. Additionally, you can Create Alert Exceptions to set up prioritized alerts for specific tags or to disable alerts for them.
  1. Select
  2. If there are no email or HTTP Alert Actions listed, Define Alert Actions.
  3. Choose an alert for each tag type.
    Use this step at any time to change the alert action for a tag type.
    Select an alert
    for samples matched to Unit 42, public, and private tags:
  4. Enable the alert for a tag type.
    For each tag type, select
    to receive alerts when AutoFocus detects samples in your network that match the tag type.
  5. If necessary, specify tags to exclude from the alert for the tag type.
    • Create and enable custom alerts for specific tags.
    • Disable alerts for tags for which you don’t need to receive alerts.
  6. Choose from the following next steps:

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