Edit Alerts

Alerts are highly customizable and can be changed or deleted anytime. Change the settings of an existing alert action or alert exception as necessary. Disable an alert to stop receiving notifications for certain tags. To view all options for editing alerts, select
  • Disable Alerts.
    Select the action
    for a tag type.
    To disable alerts for an alert exception, Edit an Alert Exception. Select the action
  • Edit an Alert Exception.
    Modify the tag chosen as an alert exception and the alert action that occurs when AutoFocus detects a sample that matches the tag. Select
    to enable the alert action.
  • Delete an Alert Exception.
    Delete an alert exception permanently.
  • Edit an Alert Action.
    Modify the name of the alert action, the alert type (
    , or
    ), the email address or server URL that receives the alert, and how frequent the alert is generated.
  • Delete an Alert Action.
    Delete an alert action permanently.

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