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Reports Overview

, you can run, create, and manage your AutoFocus reports.
From the AutoFocus reports overview page, you can:
  • Create a new report (1)—Add a report title and description and then select
    to add a new report. A new blank report opens in editing mode.
  • Search Reports (2)—Searches reports based on report name.
  • Manage Default Reports (3).
    • Run—Opens the selected report.
    • Email Scheduler—Configure AutoFocus to automatically generate and send reports to specified email addresses.
    • Clone—Creates and opens a duplicate of the selected report. You can edit the report from this page. If you do not provide a new name for the report, AutoFocus creates a name by appending the name on which the report is based with the word clone. For example, Custom Report 1 Clone.
    • Upgrade—When Palo Alto Networks updates the settings for a default report, select this option to synchronize the report with the latest version. This option is displayed only when an update is available.
    • Pin—Adds the selected report to the dashboard tabs for quick reference. You can also pin (and unpin) reports from the dashboard.
    • Reset—Returns the page to the default settings. This option is only available after a report has been upgraded to the latest version and subsequently edited by a user.
  • Manage Custom Reports (4)—Manage custom reports (4). Run, Clone, Email scheduler, and pin operations function as described in Manage default reports, however you cannot upgrade a report as these reports are not managed by Palo Alto Networks. Additionally, you have the option to delete a report. Selecting this permanently deletes the report from AutoFocus.

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