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Tag Class

A tag can be linked to a particular tag class, which provides more context for the type of threat information that the tag identifies. Special icons indicate whether a tag is associated with a tag class. The icon can be blue, gray, or orange depending on the Tag Types. For example, the following tag is a public tag linked to malicious behavior:
Tag Class
Malware Family
Related malware is grouped into a malware family. Malware might be considered related based on shared properties or a common function. Malware within a malware family exhibit similar malicious behaviors to launch an attack.
A campaign is a targeted attack which might include several incidents or sets of activities. You can identify a campaign by the malware families that are used to execute an attack.
An actor is an individual or group that instigates one or more campaigns using malware families.
An exploit is an attack, usually in the form of a script, that takes advantage of a software or network weakness, bug, or vulnerability to manipulate the behavior of the system.
Malicious Behavior
Malicious behavior is behavior that is not specific to a malware family or campaign, but indicates that your system has been compromised. An example of malicious behavior is the unauthorized deletion of disk volumes.
Tag samples that exhibit malicious behaviors to flag them for you and other AutoFocus users. You can receive alerts for new unique samples that match the conditions of malicious behavior tags.

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