Vote for, Comment on, and Report Tags

Though you cannot edit Unit 42 and public tags, you can help to curate the most relevant and useful of these tags by voting for tags you like and adding comments to tags. You can also alert Unit 42 to a tag that you think might be offensive or revealing, and Unit 42 will review the tag.
  • Vote for tags
    —Give up-votes to tags that provide helpful, accurate information.
  • Comment on tags
    —Provide feedback on tags or share additional, relevant information with the AutoFocus community.
  • Report tags
    —Report tags that are misleading, too general to be meaningful, offensive, or reveal sensitive information. Unit 42 reviews reported tags and finds the tag to either be acceptable or inappropriate:
    • Acceptable tags
      —If Unit 42 determines that the tag is appropriate, the tag status remains public. The user who reported the tag receives an email notification that the tag will continue to remain publicly shared.
    • Inappropriate tags
      —If Unit 42 determines that the tag is inappropriate, they can revert the tag scope to private. The tag will only be visible to the organization that owns the tag and will no longer be publicly shared. The tag author (the user who created the tag originally) and the user who reported the tag as inappropriate will receive an email notification that the tag is no longer publicly visible.
      Unit 42 can also permanently delete an inappropriate reported tag. The tag owner receives an email notification when the tag deletion is complete.
The following table describes how to vote for, comment on, and report tags.
  1. Find tags.
    • Click
      on the navigation pane.
    • Click
      and view the Top Tags widget.
  2. Select a tag to view tag details.
    (1) Vote for a Tag—Click
    Vote Up
    to give a tag an up-vote. You can deselect
    Vote Up
    to withdraw an up-vote at any time.
    To view tags that are highly rated by the AutoFocus community, click
    and sort tags according to
    Sort by: Up Votes
    . Select
    Sort Descending
    to show the tags with the highest votes.
    (2) Report a Tag—
    a tag that is misleading, offensive, or displays sensitive information. Include details as to why you are reporting the tag.
    (3) Comment on a Tag—
    Add a comment
    to provide feedback on a tag, or to share information regarding the tag with the AutoFocus community.

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