: Filter and Sort Tags
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Filter and Sort Tags

Filter and sort tags on the Tags page based on Tag Details.
Filter and Sort Tags
(1) Tag Categories
Tags are organized into two categories to simplify manual browsing of the Tags page.
  • All Tags:
    Displays all available tags and their details based on the Unified Tag View configuration.
  • Groups:
    Displays all available tag groups with a description and list of associated tags.
(2) Unified Tag View
Tags are displayed collectively in a single view to enable quick and easy filtering.
  • Choose Columns
    to select which details to display on the Tags page.
  • Select a tag detail to
    Sort by
    in ascending or descending order. Alternatively, you can click the column header for a tag detail to sort the rows in ascending (up arrow) or descending (down arrow) order.
    To find tags with the highest number of matching samples,
    Sort by: # Samples
    in descending order. To find tags that have received comments from AutoFocus users recently,
    Sort by: Last Comment
    in descending order.
(3) Pivot from Tag to Sample Searches
Search for these tags
to determine which samples are associated with the tags displayed in the tags page.
The number of tags used in the sample search is based on the number of results shown on the tag search results page. For example, if there are 82 tag results but the page is set to show a maximum of 50 tags, only 50 tags will be used by the sample search.
(4) Quick Search
Enter a single value in the quick search field to find matching tags across all tag types.
(5) Advanced Filter
Click on
to find tags based on multiple search conditions, including tag fields, the number of votes a tag has received, and the number of sample hits.
You can start typing the artifact type by which you want to filter tags to narrow down the options in the drop-down.

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